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Saturday, January 26, 2013

She Bangs...

I spent the majority of my day yesterday (a snow day so no work for this girl) working on this blog, organizing my videos (notice how they all have thumbnails? It took me forever), filming videos and even worked! But, on days like that, I always have a little too much time on my hands and do things I probably shouldn't! So, I got a little scissor happy and cut my bangs (I also cut layers into it). 

As most of you know, i'm a licensed hairstylist (and makeup artist) and have always had different looks! I've been tons of different colors, all different styles and every length in between. I mean, come on, wouldn't you expect a stylist to be crazy like that? 

This was in 2008... the first time I had blunt bangs!


Too bad it's black in white because I was almost blonde in this picture!



Dark and curly

lighter and straight

short and spunky

my "go to" style...



side swept bangs


I love doing different things to my hair! I get tons of questions on my videos as to what my favorite hair products are.

Shampoo & Conditioner- Redken Color Extend
Moroccan Oil Treatment
Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray
KQC Straightner
Conair Curling Wand

When I color my hair, I usually use Redken Shades EQ :-)

Currently, i'm a 3RV.... my husband likes when my hair has a red tinge to it.

Okay, enough about my hair!

See you all soon!

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