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Monday, January 28, 2013

Our First Baby Food!

Today, the boys are 4 months old and we started on pureed baby food! I've done TONS of research on it and went with my gut as to whether they were ready or not. So, after lots of thought, we decided to start with sweet potatoes! I got a Baby Bullet for my baby shower and have been so excited to try it. We knew we wanted to make our own homemade baby food simply because we didn't like how much sugar and other ingredients jarred baby food had and, how expensive it could get. A jar of organic baby food runs around .76 cents each.

Baby Bullet System:
Available at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, and Amazon
(click on the store name to be taken to the link)
I bought 4 semi-large sweet potatoes for $2.80 at Wal-Mart. 
Placed them on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil and baked them for 30 minutes at 400*, then rotated them and baked for another 30 minutes.
Let them sit for 30 minutes and then peel. They are super easy to peel and it comes right off!

Next, I cut up 2 of the sweet potatoes into small chunks and placed them in my Baby Bullet.

I added 8 oz. of formula to the sweet potatoes; however, you can add water or breastmilk. This helps make the sweet potatoes creamy and smooth.

Blend away...
It doesn't take long at all for the baby bullet to make the sweet potatoes puree!

I used the first batch of sweet potatoes (the two smaller ones) to fill my freezer stash. The baby bullet came with 2 freezer bins with pre-measured portions.

Let them sit for a little while until they've cooled and then they are ready for the freezer!
When they are frozen solid, take them out and the portions pop right out of the plastic containers. Put the frozen sections into a ziplock back (with the date written on the outside) and then, you can use the freezer tray for your next food. 

(when you're ready to use your freezer stash, simply take one portion out and microwave in a bowl)

 The next batch of sweet potatoes filled my refrigerator cups and 4 other cups!

22 Servings of baby food cost me $2.80! Not only is it an inexpensive project but it's fun! I had such a blast making the food and it was SUPER easy.

Final Verdict:



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  2. Love it :) I also wanna do my own baby food for Savannah. They are so cute! looks like they loved it!

  3. I am definitely going to be buying this. I love the idea of not having to run out to buy jars of baby food. Now if only I had my grandma's growing hands and could grow the veggies....LOL!