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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Isaiah and Isaac's 4 Month Update!

Today, the boys had their 4 month pediatrician appointment. I was totally dreading it as they were going to be having 4 more vaccinations (DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV, Rota) and I hate seeing and hearing the boys cry. Anyway, we discussed several things with our (awesome) pediatrician:

- Starting Solids:
Our doctor said we can start incorporating pureed foods and introduce a new one every few days. She suggested starting with veggies and then doing fruits. As far as how often, she said to feed them up to 3 times a day and offer a bottle in between.
They are currently starting to turn from back to belly and visa versa, they are starting to sit up on their own, babble and make cooing sounds, smile and other facial expressions. 
Isaac is weighing in at 15 lbs 3 oz and measuring 27"
Isaiah is weighing in at 16 lbs 3 oz and measuring 27"

They are doing super great and i'm excited to have happy growing babies!

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