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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some exciting news...

Hi Ladies,
So yesterday, I posted a bulletin on YouTube letting you guys know that I was pretty sure that I wasn't pregnant (I am CD 28, 11DPO). I just feel like AF cramps are here and I just feel like she's going to be rearing her ugly head within the next few days.  Before you ask, NO, I haven't tested and NO I will not be testing. I always take it way better when AF just shows up instead of taking a pregnancy test and seeing a BIG FAT NEGATIVE staring me in the face. The rejection is easier to take when I just see some spotting. 

I am not really as emotional as I was last cycle. I was very, very relaxed this cycle. I wasn't reading into any signs or symptoms or constantly googling things. I got a pretty lucky 2WW as it fell between Christmas and New Years. 

BUT, like everyone says, It isn't over until it's over!

Anyway, the exciting news isn't obviously that i'm not pregnant but we were looking at our insurance coverage and what our next steps would be and to our surprise, we found out that our insurance covers 90% of fertility treatments (including IVF &IUI  bloodwork, ultrasounds, injectables, and prescriptions)!!!! We are so overjoyed to find out that our journey has a longer run and we don't have to worry about not begin able to afford treatment. 

I'm a little weirded out by my chart. I have had the same temp consecutively for 4 days, then it went down, and then back up for 2 days. Here's a picture and I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think.

I can't wait to continue our journey and hopefully have a little bundle of joy in 2012!

Happy New Year and Hugs,

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